Generate more income per sq foot.

Offering delivery doesn't have to cost all your profit.

Want to starting growing your restaurant?

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How it works

Hungry just open the hungr app, choose your restaurant and order your favorite items.

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Add your restaurant to hungr

Add your details and your menu. .

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Choose how you want to be paid

Enter your payment info to recieve payment for hungr orders

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Choose how you want to receive orders

We have multiple ways to receive orders from tablets, direct kitchen printers or POS software integration.

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Go Live

Once confirmed you can begin taking orders. Generally 24-48 hours after signup. In a rush let us know and we will do our best to accomodate your time sensitive needs.

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Watch for new orders

As you begin to get new orders help your staff to have food ready for pickup.

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Using our in-store promotion kit will help make customers aware you now offer delivery. Don't forget to promote on social media as well.

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Your Done.

That's it. It is simple to use on-demand delivery when and where you need it.

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